Hosanna Real Estate Services, Inc. License #920500026

Here at Hosanna we've built a solid foundation on Christian principles which we have put into practice for a long history of making good investments and getting our customers an excellent return on their real estate investments. We're dedicated to treating our customers like family, so you can rest in us.

We've come a long way at Hosanna Real Estate Services from our roots in property management to real estate sales and property services (maintenance, lawn care & cleaning), while maintaining a personal touch with one-on-one involvement with our customers.  We are one of the only wholly integrated companies that satisfy all of your real estate needs from one place - here at Hosanna.

We take the hassles out of managing your property (from rent collection, owner payments, monthly bills and other financial obligations, maintenance, care and more), put enjoyment into purchasing or selling your property or simply to maintain what you currently own - we can do it all.  We customize our services to fit your needs.

Give us a call or email today, and let us know how we can help you.  We're here to take care of your most important investments so you can relax and enjoy life - we are exactly what you need.

Hello.Rest in us - We are exactly what you need


In 1991 we bought our first apartment complex in Lane County. We hired a local property management firm and was shocked that our investment was losing money! We discovered the company was placing large "for rent" ads in the paper that included their huge logo  - which we paid for! They didn't work weekends, when most people look for housing. Their tenant screening criteria was so stringent that it disqualified too many people and they hired professional vendors to do minor repairs and cleaning causing expenses to skyrocket!

We obtained our Real Estate Broker licenses and set out to build a company that would be all inclusive; this way we could control costs. We purposed to improve services for our customers. Today we are fully integrated with an amazing, qualified staff; recently adding a Real Estate Broker dedicated to sales. Our customers are fully satisfied with the level of service they receive and the returns they are seeing on their real estate investment.