French Quarter - Eugene

Address: 1101-1117 West 6th Ave
Number rooms: 2 + kitchen
​Style: Townhouse, Upstairs Flats & Downstairs Flats
Price: Available on request

In downtown Eugene, located on the bus lines and near to the hub of the city. These charming hidden away units have an "old towne" feel with a community atmosphere. Parking is available onsite. There are laundry facilities available and water/sewer/garbage fees are all included in your rent. PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.

Houses, houses, houses

Prices: Available upon request

A variety of houses throughout the Eugene/Springfield/Albany area are available to rent as vacancies occur.  House sizes range from 1 bedroom/1 bath - 5 bedroom/2.5 bath. Call for availability! Inventory changes regularly, so check in and see what we have, just for you.

Park Place - Springfield

Address:  700 North 1st Street

Number rooms: 2 + kitchen
Style: Townhouse, & 1 studio unit
Price: Available on request

Located near downtown Springfield, close to bus lines and businesses, a perfect spot for you. Meadow Park is across the street and there are numerous bike paths and the beautiful Willamette River nearby. The facility hosts a laundry room for your convenience and water/sewer/garbage fees are all included in your rent. PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.

Properties for Rent

Here at Hosanna we have a variety of options for your housing needs.  We manage properties in the greater Eugene/Springfield area as far away as Albany.  You have choices from houses, apartments, townhouses, studios and more.  Let us help you find what you need. 
Contact  us today - phone: 541-345-1324 or email:

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Application Requirements:

Along with the completed application packet, we also need:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of income for each adult
    • Our income requirements are 2.5 times the rent per month
  • $50.00 application fee per adult. 
    • Cash(exact change required),
    • Money order or cashier’s check  
      • We do not accept personal checks or credit/debit cards.
  • Applicants with criminal history will also need to provide:
    • Certificates of completion for any classes/programs they have completed
    • Letter of recommendation from PO officer; stating if the applicant is in compliance and/or signed two way release (if on parole or probation)